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Home staging, how to get the most out of your real estate investment

Home staging, discover this marketing technique and how it can help you enhance a property to sell it in the shortest possible time, for the highest possible price.

Real estate investments have always been an excellent opportunity for those who have initial capital and want to invest safely, obtaining a considerable profit in a simple way.

Today, this situation has become decidedly more complicated due to a greater supply of properties but it’s still possible to get out the most of these investments using innovative real estate marketing techniques including home staging or the art of decorating a home to entice buyers to purchase it.

According to many market studies, thanks to home staging it is possible to sell a property quickly and for more money and we have experienced this situation with Franco, one of our customers.

Franco’s story and the importance of home staging

One day Franco, a serious professional well known in its sector, convinced by a friend working for years in the field of real estate, decides to undertake a simple real estate transaction: expected gain 100,000 francs within a month.

Which was the condition for starting the deal? It was necessary a capital of 300.000 CHF for buying a property in order to sell it after one month at 400.000 CHF.

A potential profit of about 100,000 CHF in a month is certainly an attractive hypothesis and at the same time the investment is safe. In the worst case, Franco will own an extra apartment.  This is enough to convince him to embark on this new adventure.

Home staging techniques enhance the strengths of a home.


The disappointment

Franco buys the apartment, the first month passes without offers but he is not worried. His friend is confident and reassures him.

Franco starts worrying when 3, 6, 12 and many more months passes without receiving offers. Moreover, his friend is systematically denied on the phone.

The turning point: a chance encounter

One day introduced by a mutual friend I know Franco who, with frustration and a certain unease, begins to talk to me about his investment. I take the situation to heart and I start managing the sale of the apartment because I agreed on its potential.

I begin the operation without upsetting Franco’s beliefs and I gradually gain his trust.

The first requests arrive but the sums offered do not exceed 280,000 francs, less than the amount paid by Franco who does not intend to accept.

Enhancement of a living area through home staging techniques.

Home staging, the art of enhancing a property

Thanks to the relationship of mutual esteem and trust that now binds us, I begin to give him advice about home staging or the art of enhancing a property to encourage its sale or rental.

The word home staging derives from the English “home” (home) and “stage” (stage) and indicates a series of techniques aimed at creating a desirable home that will hopefully sell faster and at a higher price.

For example, thanks to home staging, an 80 square meter apartment located on the ground floor and facing north, so quite dark, can become a bright space visually larger than its real size.

So, I proceeded with the staging of Franco’s apartment in a few steps and with a minimum investment. In a week, the desired offer of 400,000 CHF arrives.

Franco is in seventh heaven!

In home staging, details make the difference.

To stage a property to sell it for the greatest amount

Franco’s apartment had potential and the property manager who sold it to him was in good faith. He considered the apartment a good investment but he was unable to:

  • enhance its characteristics to make it appealing for potential buyers
  • make it stand out in the vast offer of apartments currently on the market.

In Domus Realty we have studied and acquired an in-depth knowledge of home staging techniques to offer our customers a complete and unique service that allows to increase a home’s selling price and decrease selling time.

Do you want to discover the potential of your apartment thanks to home staging? Contact us and request a free consultation.

We will be happy to stage your property to sell it quickly and with an excellent profit.

Alessandro Dubini
CEO & Trustee
Domus Realty