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Real estate valuation, why rely on professionals

If you want to sell a house or a commercial space, a real estate valuation is essential in order to obtain the right compensation and avoid that it remains unsold for a long time, devaluing and causing costs.

Effettuare una corretta valutazione immobiliare non è un’operazione semplice ed è necessario affidarsi ad esperti del settore. Solo un professionista, infatti, grazie alle competenze acquisite nel corso della sua esperienza, a un’approfondita conoscenza delle dinamiche e trend del mercato, nonché all’accesso e utilizzo di informazioni professionali, può effettuare una valutazione equa e che aiuti concretamente chi vende a ottenere il massimo.

Why is real estate valuation important

The percezione del valore di un’immobile è spesso frutto di fattori estremamente soggettivi che possono includere aspetti sentimentali, magari si è in procinto di vendere una proprietà di famiglia dove si sono vissuti importanti momenti, ma anche aspetti più pratici, legati al desiderio di ottenere una plusvalenza su quello che in passato si è considerato un ottimo investimento.

Other times, you can sell a property without having a particular need and relying on fatalism. You put it on the market and see what happens, a choice that can turn out to be a boomerang for several reasons.

So, the request for a property valuation by a professional is an essential step to sell a house or a commercial space at the best possible price in the shortest possible time.

The risks of a long stay on the market

If a home is priced too high, the risk is that it will remain unsold a situation that can lead to various problems.

A first critical point may concern the costs that will continue to weigh on the owner without him deriving any benefit from them. The main issue may concern taxes, current costs, maintenance costs and others costs related to deterioration that must be paid by the owner.

A property that has not been sold for a long time also risks becoming unattractive for the buyer who may wonder about possible reasons, in addition to the price, of why no one has bought it, convincing themselves that it is not a good deal.

The cons of low prices

At the same time, selling at a lower price than the market isn’t the right solution for selling quickly and without problems.

In addition to the economic loss, it must be considered that too low a price could act as a deterrent for many potential buyers. We often beware of prices too low and we think that it may hide some undeclared pitfall.

The real estate valuation factors

A professional conduct a thorough assessment thanks considering multiple factors.

In fact, in order to draw up a real estate valuation, a professional carries out a careful evaluation of various parameters such as:

  • analysis of the area market, since it may vary over time on the basis of the construction of infrastructures, the opening of services, etc.
  • analysis and comparison of the competition, another element that can change over time and that highlights the importance of a sales strategy created by a professional. This strategy may, for example, include innovative marketing techniques such as home staging.
  • market positioning, a factor closely linked to the type of property and that also implies a reasoning on the need for renovation.
  • energy class of the property, an element that is becoming more and more important not only for its economic repercussions but also for the increasing interest in environmental sustainability.
  • comparison with recent sales, another fact that can undergo considerable fluctuations even in a short time because of factors over which there is no control. For example, Covid-19 pandemic has affected the real estate market in many ways.

Do you want to sell a property with the maximum profit without the risk of leaving it unsold for a long time? Contact us and request a free consultation.

We are at your entire disposal to help you selling your property at the right price and in a short time.

Alessandro Dubini
CEO & Trustee
Domus Realty